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Better rehydration with Milk!

Better rehydration with Milk!

After 10 km's running, you hit the finish line, dehydrated and on the search to top up those depleted fluid reserves. What could be better than drinking a glass of water? Nothing? How about a glass of Milk?!

A recent research trial which tested the effects of 13 commonly consumed drinks on urine output and fluid balance, found several fluids were retained in the body for the same time, or longer, than water.


For those looking to optimally rehydrate after physically demanding activities, the study found better performing alternatives to the water benchmark. One of the lead authors, Dr Stuart Galloway of the Health and Exercise Sciences Research Group at the University of Stirling added: “In our trial drinking milk or an oral hydration solution helped people retain a third of fluid they consumed over a two hour follow-up period and remain hydrated for over four hours.


Dr. Stuart Galloway found that milk has a longer dwell time in the body and the fluid reservoir must be filled more slowly than if, for example, water or tea. In last place was coffee, followed by the popular beer. Even sports drinks could not hold up against Milk, allowing it to take first place with respect to effectiveness in rehydrating the body.


Indexing these results next to water and other drinks, may help people make a better decision about the fluids they consume. In particular, this applies to people who want to stay hydrated but are unable to take frequent toilet breaks, or do not have regular access to fluids throughout their day.


Who knows, maybe we will be seeing milk served at the finish line in the foreseeable future.


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